About Me
Dear Friends,

I am happy to meet with you to explore the relatively painless process of getting married in Connecticut. In terms of how things usually happen—first—we’ll discuss your plans, hopes, and dreams. After all, your wedding day is YOUR day, so I am excited to hear what you have in mind. If, after we’ve met, you decide to have me officiate at your wedding, then we can get into all the official business.

As for me, I was born and raised, in Norwalk, Connecticut, as part of a large and loving family. That experience must be at the core of my affinity for weddings.

When I am not officiating at weddings, job number one is husband, father, and grandfather. We are avid campers; spending hours on end in the natural world, throughout New England. In my spare time I enjoy photography, historical archaeology, and genealogical research. I work in Human Resources for a local public school district.

You can check out my Facebook for more information.

Send me an email, so we can get started on your wedding plans!