Frequently asked questions

How do get married in Connecticut?
First think you need to get married in Connecticut is obtain a marriage license from the vital records office of the town where the marriage will take place.

How do we apply for a marriage license?
The Office of the Town Clerk in Norwalk CT offers information regarding applying for a marriage license on their website here. Most of the information will be the same—throughout Connecticut—but I recommend searching out the specifics for the city in which your ceremony will take place; as your marriage license must be applied for there.

Do we need a blood test?
No. The State of Connecticut did away with that requirement about twenty years ago.

Do you require pre-marital counseling?
No. When I officiate for your wedding, I do so in service to the State of Connecticut as a Justice of the Peace. [I am an ordained deacon of the Episcopal Church, yet there are no religious associations related to me officiating for your wedding; and when I do so, I function as an agent of the State, not the Church.] I am, however, more than willing to meet you to discuss any issues you feel may be relevant to your wedding or marriage.
Many couples find it helpful to meet in advance to work out details of the ceremony, if at all possible.

Will you officiate at a non-religious site?
Yes. Be creative--it's your day.

Do you allow couples to write their own vows?
Yes. I encourage it. I can provide lovely prewritten vows, but I encourage you to allow your vows to reflect the two of you.

What is your attire for the ceremony?
For most, I wear a custom made black judicial robe. My attire can be adjusted for the wedding location or theme.

Do you have a list of readings pre-selected, from which we must choose?
MUST choose—NO. I do maintain a library of resources, but it's your day.

Are you willing to perform pre-ceremony rehearsals?
Yes—I encourage them, but they are not required.

How long are your ceremonies?
The average is between 15 and 30 minutes.

Can you officiate military weddings?
I officiate at active duty military weddings without remuneration.